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Location and Tips

We are exactly 3 km from the Conservatory Center, in a privileged location at the foot of the Atlantic Forest.

Túnel que Chora

Built in 1880 the tunnel that cries tells the story of the times when the city of Conservatório was at the height of coffee plantations. The tunnel has a long extension illuminated with old lamps making it possible to observe the art created by the slaves during the excavation. The tunnel has a fountain that flows with water called Fonte da Saudade.

Cachoeira da Índia

The waterfall of India can be accessed by means of a light trail, being ideal to be made between friends and family. The waterfall houses a small waterfall, making the main attraction the work of Araris by the artist Vilma Noel. The indigenous statue is considered an exoteric reference to the presence of extraterrestrials in the region (Conservatory is known for being a UFO sighting point).

Serra da Beleza

The real name of this mountain is Serra da Taquara and is known mainly as a point of extraterrestrial events. The landscape is amazing, serving as a great place to take pictures and enjoy the pure and beautiful nature.

Mirante do Cruzeiro

Created to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the first mass in Valença. In the place there is a cross being a place of visit for the faithful and people in search of the panoramic view in our city.

Ronco D'água

With three waterfalls and natural pools, this waterfall guarantees the fun of its visitors. They are over 5m high that can be accessed by you at any time of the day!

Parque Municipal do Açude da Concórdia

Considered the first conservation unit in the municipality, the park offers a lush landscape and is an important source of drinking water. The place's main function is the preservation of natural ecosystems showing once again the rich natural beauty of Valença.

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